I do talks which people enjoy

Here’s a list of upcoming ones.

Praise for my talks include ‘Brilliant’, ‘a master … Jonathan is a speaker with great body language, gestures and facial expressions that keep you gripped to his well-chosen slides and adds humour, local interest…and passion’, and ‘Can I go home now Dad’.


I'm Jonathan Swinton

I did a maths PhD long ago, and I’ve spent many years trying to put some mathematics into biology. I came to Manchester in 2002, and I'm proud of my adopted city. I've been writing and talking about Alan Turing for years – I even did stand-up comedy once – but this is my first full length book. It is mathematically true that I am better at writing than I am at stand-up. If you like to weigh authors on a gravitas scale here is my professional career history, and here’s a good few biomathematical publications.

You can contact me at jonathan@swintons.net