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Buying the book is £10 cheaper here than at Amazon or in bookshops, but if bookshops are your thing Alan Turing’s Manchester has been chosen for stock in almost every Manchester outlet (*). Let me know a shop you think would like it.

Delivery is extra. If you’re in the UK, Amazon UK will offer probably offer you next-day delivery, and cheaper than I can, but not enough to make up for the book still being £10 cheaper here. If you can hang on a couple of days, or you’re outside the UK, you’ll also get a warmer glow from ordering it direct from me. The glow will last longer too, as I send single copies out by second class post (taking up to a week even in the UK) unless you say different.

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Alan Turing's Manchester

ISBN: 9780993178924

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Payments through this website use secure, standard, modern e-commerce technology. Alan Turing’s Manchester is published by Infang Publishing, a trademark of Deodands Ltd, as a 200 page full colour offset lithography trade paperback with over 100 illustrations. If you are a public sector buyer, you are welcome to buy this book from your favourite distributor instead, and save Finance the trouble of setting Deodands up as a new supplier, but you will expose your organisation to higher costs, higher risks, slower delivery, and poorer terms than if you bought direct from here. Contact if you would like the lower costs, lower risks, faster delivery, and better terms instead.

(*) You should find the book in most regional Waterstones, Blackwell’s, Magma, the John Rylands Library, the Lowry, the People’s History Museum, the Whitworth Gallery and the Manchester Museum and the Manchester City Art Gallery. Among non-bookshops it can be found in Altrincham, in Idaho and in California (that’s two places not three). The Science and Industry Museum, after some struggle, should also now stock the book. The exception is the shop of the Imperial War Museum North, the other supposedly national but actually London-run cultural institution in Manchester.

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