Industrial Publicity (upcoming talks)

A few book talks coming up:


  • Thursday 19th September: Altrincham Waterstones. 6pm.

  • Friday 27th September: Chorlton Book Festival 2-4pm.

  • Wednesday 16th October: Manchester branch of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. University of Manchester.

  • Thursday 7th November: University of Manchester.

  • Tuesday 19th November: Poynton Library.

  • Thursday 26th November: Blackwells, University Green, Oxford Road. 7pm.

  • Thursday 20 Feb 2020: London Computer Conservation Society.

If you are interested in a talk for your organisation, please get in touch. Audience feedback suggests I am a funny and passionate performer who leaves them surprised and fascinated by the past, and that the screen should have been bigger: all I know is I love talking about this stuff. As well as the history there’s a little bit of adding up, but no actual maths, though there are existence proofs of maths jokes.


The progress charts are from CK Shaw, Industrial Publicity, London: C&J Temple, 1944. Though both were in copyright in 1944, neither is credited to a named creator. I think the one above is therefore out of copyright, but it’s plausible that the one below was created by CK Shaw him/herself, in which case it is still copyright by the estate of CK Shaw as they were still producing Coronation guff in 1953.